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It is primarily a playground for me to try out things with Drupal. Recently I've started using it as an RSS aggregator to take the place of Google Reader.

Nuff said.

Bummer. I've been using google reader for several years. I'll probably use the Drupal aggregator module to reproduce the functionality but I'm still a little disappointed.

So I didn't really care for the webDAV module for Drupal 6, but it turns out that my hosting company (dreamhost) had a pretty nice and easy to use set up to run webDAV directly from their webserver. Nice of them.

I'm hoping that by installing the WebDAV module for Drupal here it will give me a free Dropbox style way to sync things between my idevices and my computers. We'll see.

Tonight I am grateful for the wonderful sound of my kids laughing and giggling while watching a movie. Of course the movie is not great--Roxie Hunter something, but they seem to be enjoying it.

Today I wasn't aware of any time that I was expressing a negative attitude. After dinner at the B Spot, we went to Dick's Sporting Goods, and while I wasn't thrilled to be there, I don't think I said or did anything negative.

This is the first of my (hopefully) private "grateful" posts. I plan on keeping the private for now, and I'm reasonably sure I've set the blog up that way.

Today I am grateful not only for my 44 years on this earth, but the 45 years Angela has had. Here's to more that double that more (that way, we don't have to be in midlife yet).

One more test. This one will get front paged. Will it make it to the rss feed.