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I need to check into why cvterm inserts some times fail, even though it looks to me like they shouldn't. I think the failures don't matter; that is, they shouldn't be inserted for some perfectly valid reason I didn't think of when writing the code.

More work on the HHMI project:

Created feature_update() function: 1.5 hour
Testing feature_update(): 0.5 hour
Created update_feature_dbxref(): 1 hour
Testing update_feature_dbxref(): .5 hour

This is the initial entry for contract work at HHMI. Completed a two day trip to the fascility at Ashburn, VA, where the project goals were outlined and an investigation into the parameters for the project was completed.

Billable hours:
Evaluation of the problem/planning: 10 hours
Tool to migrate cvterms: 3 hours
Testing: 1 hour

  if ($windows and $] == 5.010) {
     print STDERR "\n\nActiveState Perl 5.10 is not compatible with GBrowse due to problems\n";
     print STDERR "with the AS implementation.  Please remove it and install Perl 5.8 instead.\n\n\n";

This is the line I need to add to fix the DB_File thing:

'tcool' => '',