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more work on the template to create a private schema

Worked on the template to create a private schema. The template now successfully creates ddl to:

  • Create tables and views for all the tables in the public chado schema
  • Create insert and update rules so that inserts and updates into the views will result in inserts and updates to the corresponding table.

What does not happen yet is deletes. There are a few problem with deletes:

  • While it is quite straight forward to write general rules for update and inserts, it is not so easy to do so for deletes. I'm not sure if it is possible (looking into it).
  • The tables created for the private schema do not have the constraints that the public schema tables do, which means there is no "ON DELETE CASCADE" in the private schema, which the GFF loaders delete function depends on to work.

As a result, deletes might be problematic. For the time being, I suggest we just don't delete.

2.5 hours.