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So done with NCAA

I am so done with the NCAA. Yes, the suspension of Ohio State players looks like it was done with the money to be made from bowl games in mind (otherwise, why not suspend for that game too or instead?), but that is not what sent me over the edge.

Why, oh why do relatively big bowl games involving top tier teams need to be broadcast (if you could use that word--I'd go with narrowcast instead) on ESPN? I'm thinking specifically of the Outback bowl, Capital One bowl, the Sugar bowl, and (for g-d's sake) the Rose Bowl (soon, no doubt, to be renamed the Staples bowl or something equally stupid). I have no doubt that an enormous amount of money is involved, none of which comes from me.

Of course, the main reason this bugs me is that I don't have ESPN. I enjoy sports, just not enough to justify paying for ESPN. But this also bugs the bleeding heart in me: yes, if I wanted to, I could get ESPN. I even toyed the idea of calling my provider on January 1 to change my channel line up. But, what about people who don't actually have cable or satellite TV? It very much reminds me of when I stopped giving a shit about the Cleveland Indians: when they moved from broadcasting on the airwaves to a cable channel (I don't know what they do now, because I stopped caring). I know old poor people who enjoy watching baseball games who had their access to those games shut off. Where the Indians then and the NCAA now within their rights to do what they did? Of course. But damned if I'm going to support them in anyway for doing it.